‹Club Rules›
Bridge Club No. 6 of Berlin
Our bridge club has been founded on June 12th in 1995
as the 6th club ever established in Berlin after the war.
With more than 110 members and games 3 to 4 times a week
actually we are the biggest active club in Eastern Germany.
Team tournaments
Find us under "vDBV62" in BBO. Register before 2 p.m. ‹Sign in›>
This way we can guarantee a quick tournament start, a safe pairing
and an even number of teams required by the BBO- Movements.
Our Location
The ‹Location› and home of BSCNo. 6 is the Hertha Müller house,
formerly Senior Citizens' Leisure Center North, Argentinische Allee 89.
Due to Corona, we are currently only playing on the Internet (BBO).